MBA Business Development and Transformation

MBA Business Development and Transformation

  • 90 ECTS
  • Course duration 18 Months
  • Specially designed for Arabic speaking students
  • English and Arabic language

In our MBA Business Development & Transformation you will receive a new, innovation-oriented mindset in the area of ​​corporate strategy and positioning. In a dynamic economic environment, challenged by new technologies and driven by the erosion of classic business models, you are keeping the reins in your hands.

You will learn to identify the latest trends and their business potential and translate them into new, innovative business models.

The unique combination of business, technology and methodological skills in our MBA course will make you the pilot of this process.

Application Process

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is designed especially for industry professionals wanting to


  • Corresponds to the European Reference Framework for Languages ​​(B2 corresponds to independent language proficiency)
  • The application for a visa and requires about 3 months lead time (except golf countries)!
  • Required Documents
    • Proof of a bachelor’s degree OR relevant certificates of further education as well as proof of occupation-relevant experience (at least 3 years)
    • Documents are translated (German or English) and certified to submit
  • Registration via the homepage of IQC Vienn ( the University of Applied Science / Technikum Wien Academy
  • Deposit of 200 € (not refundable in case no issuing of Visa, or not passing the 2nd interview
  • English language skills (level B2 * 1)
  • 1st Pers. Interview with dr. Ibrahim (Culture Fit, Social Skills)
  • 2nd Interview with the course leader via Skype (motivation, requirements, expectations, commitment)
  • Decision on admission (ranking)
  • Official Invitation and Admission Confirmation * 2
  • Exhibition of the training contract & Setting up the IT account

Course Structure

Semester Seminar

1st Semester

Strategic Business Development I
Innovation Management and Creativity
Strategic Marketing and Sales
Business Modelling and Planning
Technology Journeys
Trends & Business Opportunities I
Cyber Security

2nd Semester

Strategic Business Development II
New Business & Innovation Marketing
Value Networks
Business Modelling & Business Planning Workshop
Trends & Business Opportunities II
Economic Law

3rd Semester

Leadership 4.0
Change Workshop
Consulting and Negotiating
International Marketing and Sales
User Experience & User Behavior
Customer Co-Creation
Business Data Analysis & Big Data
Scientific Methodology I

4th Semester

Scientific Methodology II
Master Thesis Seminar

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Application deadline  June 20, 2019

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