QMS - Quality Lead Auditor

3. Certified Quality Auditor

Overview: By auditing its QM System, the company has the advantage of having an image about its own and its supplier’s quality capability. The determination of weak points and improvement opportunities represent the basis for a profit bringing internal and external co-operation.

When auditing the suppliers, by using the adequate criteria, it is possible to make a good comparison between them. The success of an audit is in a close relationship with the professional and leadership knowledge and with the social competence of an auditor. The auditor is the visit card of the company.

The Auditor qualification is charging you, in the sense of fulfilling the company and the audit objectives, to evaluate and to assess successfully, internal and external QM systems.

Your benefits: You will develop your knowledge about planning, deploying, working out, and documenting internal and external audits, as for example suppliers’ and certification audits. You will get information about the development of

Process oriented audits. You will be introduced in communication techniques and you will learn to conduct a successful interview, in the sense of fulfilling the audit objectives, to avoid conflict situations and to present non-conformities, in a professional manner.

Target group: Leaders, executives, Managers who should have to evaluate, assess and improve the QM Systems, independently of their structure and dimension.

Pre-conditions: For taking part in the training course it is necessary to hold an IQ+C-VIENNA Quality Manager Certificate or an EOQ Quality System Manager Certificate.

 Contents: • Deployment of internal and external audits

Audit types, preparation of audits, audit questions, audit checklists, audit reports

• Correction and improvement actions

• Process oriented audits

• Qualification criteria for auditors

• Communication, questioning and intervention techniques

    Discussion deployment, thinking in context, systematically thinking

• Case studies, role-plays with VCR feedback