Consider MBA Programs - What is the MBA?

Definition of Professional Masters

A professional degree is a high vocational certificate that refers to a study that develops professional skills. Students who have obtained this certificate are considered by the professional labor forces immediately after graduation to study and master the professional skills in their field of specialization.

Examples of professional master's degrees include: Master of Fine Arts MFA, Master of Business Administration - MBA, Master of Education and others.

The professional master's degree is in building work skills while the objectives of the academic master's programs are focused on research and qualification for scientific research. An academic master's degree is especially useful for people who want to obtain an academic PhD degree. While a professional master's degree prepares for a particular career by focusing on skill competence along with theory and analysis. These professions are usually licensed or regulated by government agencies. Students in the UK for instance receive a master's degree as a second degree after obtaining a bachelor's degree in an academic field. There are some European countries that have an MBA degree in business administration within the official program as well.